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A word is worth a thousand pictures.

A good word is worth a fortune.

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These are links and downloads to some of my written output, along with a reference to the project briefs. At the bottom you will find client endorsements.

Books I Have Written

Unearthing the Family of Alexander the Great (2019)

In Search of the Lost Testament of Alexander the Great (2017)


I work in partnership with a website developer who works with sole traders, authors and companies of all sizes.

I was expressly tasked with explaining why websites are needed, why ongoing maintenance and support packages are essential, and why integrated marketing plans make the difference between website failure and success.

The brief was to create an information portal on tax and investments for a UK IFA with solutions presented as clearly as possible.

This involved me researching UK tax laws and familiarising myself on investment vehicles, trusts and statutory allowances. I wrote all content and provide the site with new articles on an ongoing basis.

I had a white-board brief to create emotive text and ‘mood boards’ for a new whisky mixer to capture its USP.

My task was to capture the essence of the drink in words and its relationship with whisky.

No materials or straplines were were provided as the drink was still under development.


 A heritage gold club with 120 year of history needed a facelift and better functionality.

Most important was to refresh tired wording with a better call to action.

The brief extended to preparing press releases and an email marketing plan.

The new brand owners asked me to create new pages for the brand identity including ‘About Us’ and ‘About You’ pages, descriptions of materials used , the manufacture process, a sustainability message and supporting blogs, as well a revitalised handbag descriptions.


My role was to write an annual report for the UK’s leading brand-promotion space procurer and reverse the narrative of their in-house materials for B2B consumption.

Magellan Investments


I was tasked by a Tokyo-based firm of financial advisors with drafting a brochure for a flagship principle-protected fund launch.

My background as an authorised financial adviser proved useful.

PBA Capital


A Gibraltar-based investment banking operation was launching a number of
capital-guaranteed absolute return funds (hedge funds). I was contracted to write the brochures using the technical term sheets.

My own experience in investment banking enables me to cut through the jargon.

Synergy   |   Evolution   |   Nasdaq Predator

Flyers, Packaging & Business Plans

The founders of a Hong Kong-based start-up asked me to revamp their packaging and write flyers for the product range along with use and care booklets. This was followed by a capital raising proposal.

Chillball   |   Chillrocks   |   Chillstack   |   Chillpod   | Chillglasses

A New Zealand start up need text for packaging and brochures. I liaised with the NZ government body funding development and the university conducting the research to pull together a coherent message for its retailing.

I was next contracted to write a business plan and investment proposal.


Academic & Magazine Articles

These are marketing support articles I have written for various magazines for my 2017 and my 2020 books on Alexander the Great.

More articles can be found on my academia website here:



Our 100-year-old club tasked the writing and building of our new website to Wordvoice and Brilliant Little Business. Not only was the website superior in look and functionality to our old site, but the wording was refreshed, modern, and more user friendly. They worked in a very systematic manner which helped us develop our thoughts. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

David helped me say what I wanted as vibrantly and concisely as possible. Because heritage branding is not a tangible product, but a concept of modernising established brands, David had his work cut out.

David grasped all the concepts I outlined and worded them for me. He let me revise the text twice and came up with a number of pithy straplines I now use in my marketing. Great to work with!
Owner and founder of Your Heritage Brand
I’m a fitness instructor and I’m used to motivating people to action in studios. But I needed a website and wasn’t sure how to express myself and point out the differences between what I offer and other instructors.

David was able to catch my thought processes and turn them a unique message to my customers. My website is now like having another members of staff. Really happy
Mark Turton
Guilford-based lifestyle coach and fitness instructor

I recommend David to anyone needing creative content written for their website. We have worked on a number of projects and he has an ability to make complex sentences simply and key messages succinct.

My own website was written by him and has seen an increase in traffic, enquiries, and clients since.

“We were approached by an IFA who wanted a portal to attract new clients to and provide online investment advice and information. We gave Wordvoice the job of not just writing the website pages but also to write the articles and information sections, which involved a lot of background research.

What we received back was exceptional and we continue to use Worldvoice to contract new articles.”
Money Clarity.co.uk
“David has a way with words.

Flyhidrate was a highly technical functional drink and we needed all the background research and testing broken down into features and benefits for the consumer.

We ended up with first-class packaging and wording that had to be signed off by NZ Government and university departments. Quite a challenge!

The product went on to win the ‘functional beverage of the year’ award, in part to its excellent packaging and wording. ”
Flyhidrate, Auckland, New Zealand
“David Grant was highly recommended for his investment banking past.

Working with technical term sheets he managed to translate the information into marketing materials suitable for layman investors and the banking community. He also helped us with the brochure layouts and e-marketing materials.

We highly recommend him.”
PBA Capital, Gibraltar

We had a new concept and text needed to be concise and catchy and that is what he provided us with as well as advice and feedback on our packaging.

We used him on all subsequent product launches.

Creative Director


Intelligent Ice

“David worked with us over a number of weeks as we fed him material.

We weren’t quite sure what format we wanted, but David worked intuitively and broke down the brochures we gave him into a simple-to-read information book that continues to help us find new clients.”
Founder and CEO
Magellan Investments, Tokyo
"Captivating and deeply researched.

Grant is the perfect guide to understanding how brilliant scientific and historical detective work has revealed so many ancient secrets of the illustrious family of Alexander the Great."
Adrienne Mayor
Historian and classical folklorist, Stanford University, and author of The Amazons and The Poison King.
"Reading with all the innate and iconoclastic dramatic flair of a well scripted novel, Grant’s new book, Unearthing the Family of Alexander the Great: The Remarkable Discovery of the Royal Tombs of Macedon is an extraordinary story of modern archaeology."
Midwest Book Review
"Ambitious in its scope and never shying away from controversy… Grant's meticulous research reveals discoveries that enthralled and divided historians.

His acquaintance with the researchers makes this a very personal odyssey into the brilliant forensics that have helped unlock the mysteries of the tombs."
Carol G. Thomas
Professor Emeritus of History, University of Washington, period historian and author.
"...long overdue... Impressively researched,

Grant weaves an adventurous tale set in what reads like a travelogue of Greek history and folklore that makes this an important work for academics and anthropologists, but also for a wider audience, both for its important subject matter and excellent presentation.

Highly recommended."
Richard A. Gabriel
Military historian and author of Philip of Macedon: Greater Than Alexander.