A Word About Me

Your words are my business

Let’s shape them together

I’m David Grant, the founder of WORDVOICE.

I live in southwest London and I’m very pleased you found me.

In the summer of a year I refuse to number, I left a renowned London school with a (unique) double-A in English language and literature.

Journeying the world opened my mind to other languages, those living and ancient. This motivated me to delve into books I should have read in class.

I was seduced by the eloquence of Athenian sophists, the rapier tongues of Roman senators, and wit of the satirists who later profiled them.

Each opened my eyes to the power of words. As a result, I became a published author of books on the Classical World.

A word is worth a thousand pictures…

I did a lot of thinking. I ended up patenting products, sailing around the world the wrong way, and standing on the peaks of the Tibetan Himalayas where I was almost lost for words.

It became both a commercial and academic odyssey, plus something in between. I wrote business proposals, brochures and websites, penned articles for magazines and books, and gave lectures to schools and societies. Then I dreamed up new ideas and put them into production.

Life took me afar in unexpected directions; death in the family brought me back home. That was humbling and focusing. Now that focus is, once again, on my writing; for my clients and for myself.

I collaborate with Brilliant Little Business to create websites for clients and we each work with a brand design business to create new corporate identities.