Creative Content Writing

What is creative writing?

Crafting text to inform, inspire and persuade.

It’s alchemy. The result can be pure gold.

Brainstorming startup ideas on a window

Strategic content writers strive to improve credibility, image and sales by clarifying the client’s offering, strengthening their pitch, and adding professionalism to the overall presentation.

Good creative content writers tend to be intuitive and instinctive, a useful tool when clients are unsure how to express themselves or lack creative direction.

Then it’s a matter of turning client concepts into proposals, their feelings into USPs, and morphing their uncertainties into confident speak on a page.

Flirting with the rules

The conventions of grammar today are more guidelines then rules, so they can be challenged. The arrival of new media platforms changed the game.

We now have a wider choice of format and style to make an impact on a particular audience in the digital or printed world. But get it wrong, and you won’t be heard.

Flouting with convention

Written words have different conventions to speech; if we pen sentences the way we talk, the message becomes vague, misshapen and wordy.

This is the most common mistake on webpages and in business introductions

‘Painting’ by numbers

When crafting a document or page, creative content writers will sometimes start at the end, often in the middle, or at a point which helps them frame the whole text.

It’s not linear process, it’s more like painting by numbers using points of inspiration to pin down catchphrases and slogans, headings, bullets and thought-provoking questions as they come to mind.

It's like completing a puzzle from isolated segments.

Nuances and the bigger picture.

Experienced strategic content writers spend significant amounts of time learning about their customers. They also invest time in understanding how the product, service, or offering they’re writing about works.

The process is driven by the client and is founded on what they want, need and lack. Again, intuition and instinct drive the process, alongside existing materials provided, and in my case, a form of questionnaire which helps me extract what I need.

That can be the subtlest of detail; the nuances which give the bigger pictures a personalised identity.

What are the immediate goals?

How are these achieved?

And by changing