Working Together

It's a collaboration.
A synthesis of ideas.

The result shouldn’t be a ‘compromise’ or take a ‘middle path’; that’s likely to be underwhelming.

Business Team Working

Initial Contact

I work hard to understand my clients’ written needs: their clearer goals and subtler wishes.

Don’t be shy when making initial contact. Express yourself on the contact page, pose any questions, articulate concerns, explain why you need creative content, and even send me the existing materials you want improved.

We can continue to liaise by email or schedule a conference call. Everything without charge or obligation at this stage.b

Conference Calls and Meeting

It’s useful if you give some thought to what you need written before we speak. You may wish to make a checklist of discussion items, or conversation bullets with any questions added.

When taking on larger projects, I often meet clients at their offices if they are located within a reasonable distance. My postcode is TW9 (Richmond Upon Thames).

Project Brief and Proposal

I encapsulate our discussions in a succinct job description to make sure we are working off the same page. The more focused the brief you give me, the more targeted my wording can be. But I always give my clients the opportunity to correct, update, or comment on the job before I start. This saves me time.

A project proposal follows, outlining the cost and timing. The quoted price will include a first draft and subsequent rounds of amends (if any; see below).

Then I email you the project Agreement to so we can make a start.