Quoting & Pricing

I make every word count.

I don’t count every word.

Traditional business concept

I always quote for a completed job. I don’t quote by the word or page, or by the hour and every minute.

The reason for this is straightforward: sometimes a single page of technical content requires a whole day of research. On the other hand, a 30-page brochure may require much less preparation if a client provides me substantial template material.

The main cost variable is ‘time’. Delivery deadlines also factor. An ‘emergency job’ may require me to reject or delay other work and so come at a higher cost.

By quoting for the completed job, there are no ambiguities or ‘subject-to’ clauses. I do, however, expect clients to stick to the agreed brief without ‘job creep’ which extends it beyond the agreed brief.

Amends are inevitable. As long as they fall within the agreed brief, I will include two rounds of amends within my quoted fee.

Minimum Fees

My minimum project charge is £500. For all work I require 50% to be paid up front.

I am happy to undertake follow-on work and spin-off projects from £250 per module, once the initial research is done and if they are directly related to the principle project.

For work priced under £500, I will ask for 100% to be paid up front.

The Project Agreement and Initial Payment

After we have discussed and agreed a brief, I embed my proposal with a quote in a project Agreement. One this been signed off and the initial payment made, we are ready to start working together.

I have a very clearly written Agreement which outlines the terms of working together. Read my agreement here.

I will price and quote in Pounds Sterling unless specifically requested otherwise, and I can accept payment in a number of other currencies. I will use the published bank spot exchange rate of the day when calculating the currency equivalent.

Completion and Final Payment

Once I provide a client their completed written content, I will invoice for the balance due.

I ask for payment within 14 days.