Website Wording

Make your website reach for the sky.

But don’t get lost in the cloud.

Discussing website project

I have written content for many websites and this is what I advise:

Throw the rule book out the window.

Website wording works in reverse:
benefits precede features, propositions precede explanations.

It’s a bit like fishing:
hooks must bite before lines can reel the catch in.

Browsers also read vertically as well as horizontally. So overall layout will impact their response.

Attention: grab it while you can.

We all have something to say.

But time is short.

Websites have 3 seconds… to grab… keep… convert.

So words must be precise and speak to robots as well as humans.

Keep it short:
verbiage is garbage.

Web surfers don’t want to read.

They want to know.

And assume no one cares. So you need to make them.

One boring line, one tongue-twisting sentence and they’re off.

Facts alone don’t sell;
emotions do.

Don’t talk like an accountant; don’t list features like a manual.

Weave a story into your pitch and appeal to human desire.

Tell them why they want it, need it, and cannot do without it.

You don’t have to close the sale, just make them yearn to know more.

Help the Roving Eye.

The eye roves read up and down as well as sideways.

The density of a page is also immediately registered.

So break it up and spread it out with these.

headers straplines quotes bullets dos and don'ts did you knows? why you should… images icons videos diagrams

Leverage your website. Make it a marketing manager working 24/7

You are paying 24-hour rent for your website domain, so use its 24/7.

Bolt-on an automated emailing marketing plan (see how, click here)

Capture email addresses with a unique offering.

Then work the leads with automated blogs and offer reminders.

The SEO ‘SOS’; being found amongst the noise.

Make sure you are ‘search engine optimised’ (SEO).

With meta tags and H1 and H2 headings commanding attention.

And page titles that reflect key searches.

Because good words need loud voices to be heard.

The results?

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