Lost For Words

You have a great business idea.

You know how to roll it out.

With a website to promote it and smart business cards.

There’s only one thing holding you back: you’re speechless.

Throw it in the waste paper basket or office bin

You ‘feel’ it better than you can say it.

This is not unusual; ‘feel’ and inspiration are products of the imagination.

But they need to be written down to be shared and promoted.

So team up with a wordsmith to get those feelings into words.

Here is what I advise.

Don't talk at someone; connect.

Remember, no one likes to be lectured. They like to be engaged.

Seduce leads and clients into wanting to know more.

Keep their mind wondering; keep their interest growing.

Keep it concise, keep it credible.

We all know someone who says too much; we don’t listen anymore.

Avoid falling into that trap and being tempted to oversell.

Don’t promise what’s unlikely and be consistent in your message.

Make then listen hard.

Keep focused and to the point.

Help them make a decision quickly.

People want to be persuaded; they don’t like to feel unsure.

Don’t say it like you need it.

Don’t try too hard; true confidence is relaxed.

Too many adjectives are annoying, too many superlatives suspicious.

But avoid lazy words that don’t work at all.

Write for your audience not yourself.

Get inside their head; it’s not about what you want to hear.

Use language in their comfort zone, not your favourite expressions.

Remember who’s the buyer; don’t get lost in the selling process.

Don’t be afraid to ruffle feathers.

A controversy picks up ears; a sense of humour brings a smile.

Sprinkle them strategically to challenge their comfort zone.

You will appear more approachable with opinions that matter.

Get confidence from collaboration.

Bounce ideas off your content writer; get a second opinion.

No one is truly lost for words: we all have our own vocabulary.

You may simply be unsure how to arrange it or put it into action.

You should be proud to showcase your products and services. So, say it well, say it clear, say it smart. And say it in a way that works

WORDVOICE provides the answer.

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