Strategic Content Writing

Because your word is your voice

And how you say it, says it all

Have the final word

You may be an established company, a hungry entrepreneur, or an innovative sole trader. Or you may have been tasked with a totally new project outside of your comfort zone.

Whatever the challenge before you, you are going to have to negotiate with words.

No matter how slick your website, how stunning your visuals, or how charming your voice, written words must back them up. They have the final say.

Confidence from collaboration

There are many reasons why businesses need objective and dispassionate creative content writers to help them express themselves:

These have all formed the starting point for my work with different clients. I learned a lot along the way:

Words should work hard, effortlessly.

Clever copy should look modest and persuasive,
not arrogant and intrusive.

Messages need clarity and precision, not ambiguity and indecision. But your job is not to write copy or content. It’s to know your customers and prospects, so you can provide solutions they need.

Strategic content writing can improve nearly every element of your marketing, image and presence.

Experienced strategic content writers spend significant time absorbing their customer's objectives and understanding their products. They then translate that into words.

A word is worth a thousand pictures.

Stock photos and library shots fill gaps. They may spark an emotion or two. But they are not going to lead to signatures or clicks on the contacts page.

You are going to have to speak to your leads, prospects, and clients. Ultimately, it’s down to what you tell them and how well you say it. In person and in writing.

Your words are my business.

My job is to strategically write your creative content, so you can focus on running your business.

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This is what I write... when fashioning your corporate voice

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